Pre-Alpha V0.03

Here's a checklist of things I need to do before V0.03 can be released to public for testing. (Anything with an "X" next to it is fixed.)

Random Generation --- Fix clipping errors for enemies

Fix items spawning outside of map

Fix map being non-completable on certain generations X

Complete left generationsX

Complete middle generationsX

Complete right generationsX

UI ---

Complete start screenX

Finish pause menu

Finish basic HUD

Re-work inventory aspectX

Start leveling systemX

Add level transitions/fadingX

Add controller supportX

Intro ---

All of the intro needs to be remade which means no female playable characters will be available in this update.

Sounds ---

Scorpion idle

Skeleton idleX

Level transitionX

Player weapon swing

Chest opening

Rocky shores ambienceX

Player landed noiseX

Selection noise

Level up bar noise

Enemies ---

Fix skeleton AI

Fix scorpion jumping AI

Add stationary enemy

Player ---

Fix player state engineX

Fix falling noise being played hundreds of times when fallingX

Re-Work health system

Player stuck in cobweb effectX

Under water physicsX

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